• Why is it important to have solar panel cleaning?

Solar Manufacturers have requirements for  solar customers to have their solar panels appropriately maintained to keep the warranty valid, just as you would with a new car.

How to Clean Solar Panels? 

Having your panels cleaned is optional however leaving your solar panels to be cleaned by the rain alone simply does not get the job done. Bird droppings, dust, grime and mould can build up on your solar panels over time and this causes decreased efficiency and energy production, costing you more on your electricity bills which may put your warranty at risk of being invalid. Solar panels that aren't properly maintained can also represent a serious fire risk if not regularly safety inspected.

When was the last time you had your solar panels cleaned and safety inspected for a health check?

For less than 2 cups of coffee per week, you can now pre-pay a small fortnightly amount for a cleaning and safety check package to protect your warranty and improve your solar savings.

Regular solar panel cleaning can improve efficiency by up to 30%

Solar Panel Cleaning
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