How can you protect your Solar Warranty?

Solar Panel manufacturers state that your warranty may be void if appropriate cleaning and maintenance is not carried out.

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"4. Exclusions and Limitations 

B. These Limited Warranties will not be applied to the modules which under ET Solar's sole judgment have been subjected to : 

1) Normal wear and tear, to the natural effects of exposure to weather conditions over time; excessive dirt build-up;"

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"Exclusions and Limitations"

4.3 "The “Limited Product Warranties” and the “Limited Peak Power Warranties” do not apply to any MODULES which have been subjected to: 

Non-observance of SERAPHIM’s installation and maintenance instructions"

"Exclusions and Limitations"

(2) The “Limited Product Warranty” and the “Limited Peak Power Warranty” do not apply to any MODULES which have been subjected to:

  • Misuse, abuse, vandalism, neglect or accident; Alteration, improper installation or application; 
  •  Non-observance of SUNTECH installation manual or maintenance instructions;
"Exclusions and Limitations "

The “Limited Product Warranties” and the “Limited Linear Peak Power Warranties” do not apply to any Product(s) which have been subjected to; 

Impairments caused by external effects, such as dirt stains, smoke, damages caused by salt

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"3. Exclusions and Limitations "

(b) The Limited Product Warranty and Limited Peak Power Warranty shall not apply to the Modules which have been subject to:                 

  • Non-observance of Jinko’s maintenance instructions;"
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"4.d Exclusions and Limitations"

Failure to carry out proper operation and maintenance (including but not limited to operation and maintenance requirements requested by Trina’s applicable User Manual or other applicable local laws and regulation of the place of installation)"

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Q CELLS is entitled to refuse to honor this warranty in the following circumstances (regardless of how those circumstances arise):

  • where the modules have not been serviced or maintained in accordance with the relevant product information or written instructions issued by Q CELLS;

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"7. This LG Manufacturers Warranty does not cover:

  • Damage and/or failure caused by installations not in conformance with the module(s) specifications, installation manuals, operation manuals, maintenance instructions, good solar design or labels attached to the module(s);
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